These images of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients were captured over a year’s time and travel in which the photographer dedicated himself completely to this inspired and inspiring project.  Rather than showing these men in typical military posture, with the medals draped ceremoniously about their necks, Casalini invites us to see them as they see themselves – as “ordinary people” – who just happen to have performed extraordinary acts of courage and valor on behalf of our country.


The complete collection of 48 hauntingly beautiful portraits captured by Tom Casalini for this project were ultimately presented within a handsome, hardbound book entitled “Ordinary Heroes.” In this format, each photograph is accompanied by Casalini’s insightful observations, or a meaningful thought shared by the subject during their time together.

With its release, the book received accolades from renowned and respected sources.

Everyone in America admires the Medal of Honor Recipients, to the point that many of us get weak in the knees just being near one of them. Here, thanks to Tom Casalini, we get to know them today.
— Stephen Ambrose
Ordinary Heroes is an extraordinary book about men of great courage and great modesty. Every man, woman and child can learn important lessons from this book.
— Tom Brokaw
Ordinary Heroes is a brilliant title as the book speaks of the ordinary lives from which heroes emerge and to which most return. And it is a perfect oxymoron as we learn here of the extraordinary courage in combat that brought them the nation’s highest honor.
— Walter Cronkite
This is one of the most moving books I have ever read and seen. It is a must for any home that values courage and the courage it took to fight for America; it is an honor just to have it in my hands.
— Ben Stein
Dear Tom Casalini...
The truths about admirable Americans in battle, which you have gathered and told with silent ink on paper, have stirred me more deeply and permanently than any shocking virtual reality war movie could ever do...
— Kurt Vonnegut