They never knew they were my mentors.  I never met any of them.  I never attended a session where they were shooting. We never exchanged letters or conversations over coffee.  But they influenced and inspired me just as surely as if I had apprenticed at their elbows for years.

It’s the reason behind this section on the website.  I want to pay tribute to the master photographers who not only impacted my own work, but shaped the very development of the craft I have been honored to share with them for more than four decades.  As I look back over my own life’s work and growth in this art, I know I am standing on their shoulders and have been lifted by their standards of excellence.

From time to time I will update this page to feature different masters.  I will focus on those who are no longer with us; hopefully, to help perpetuate their names, their work, and the groundbreaking ideas and techniques they perfected and the paths they laid – not only for me, but for many of my contemporaries.

Within this site, I will attempt to provide a venue where their voices can still be heard – keeping them alive and speaking to us in black and white.